Section 4 Reasoning

Section 4 proposes measures to improve accessibility and increase voter turnout in national elections. By establishing Election Week and requiring employers to provide at least one day off during this period, all eligible citizens will have an equal opportunity to cast their votes without having to choose between their jobs and exercising their right to vote.

Additionally, same-day voter registration and the use of voter affidavits will remove barriers to voting for citizens who may not have had the opportunity to register beforehand and may not have immediate access to their ID but are otherwise eligible. This ensures that all eligible citizens can participate in the democratic process and have their voices heard, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of our democratic system.

By enforcing these measures, the Department of Justice will play a crucial role in protecting citizens’ right to vote and holding accountable any state or individual who seeks to violate these provisions. Ultimately, these changes will improve democracy by ensuring that all eligible citizens have equal access to the polls and can exercise their right to vote.